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Webmaster: Ing. Coromoto Bastidas
Technical Assistant: Sr. Arnoldo Briceño
Accountant: Nina Pérez
Advisors: Daniel & Aimara Toledo, José González

President: Rev. Alexis Bastidas
Vice-president NYC: Mariae Caballero
Vice-president MIA: Liliana Malavé

Fundamental Values


We celebrate the Catholic Church and the loving God’s values. We are represented in the faith community for our believes which are love, integrity, respect, and freedom.

What these values represent to CDei:
Love: to share the Gospel with happiness.
Integrity:  while promoting the Christian message.
Respect: for the culture and tradition we have received from the Gospel.
Freedom:  when applying the Gospel's life lessons.

To promote the spiritual tradition of the Catholic Church through the dissemination of educational materials using different media including: radio, Internet and Television.


To be an organization that offers spiritual orientation to the Hispanic- Catholic community developing and supporting educational, religious, and charitable activities with the purpose of building a prosperous community, united by it’s convictions and its faith in God.


Rev. Alexis Bastidas

Alexis José Ramón Bastidas Aranguibel, Venezuelan, born on September 20th of 1958. His father: José Leopoldo Bastidas T (+) and his mother: Haydee Aranguibel de Bastidas. His siblings:. Coromoto Bastidas (engineer), and Juan Ramón (lawyer). At the end of July of 1970 he joins the Minor Seminar “Jesus’ Sacred Heart” in Trujillo and on the 5th of July of 1975, he receives his diploma as a Bachelor in Humanities. 

In September 1975 he joins the Mayor Seminar “Santa Rosa de Lima” in Caracas to study Philosophy and Theology.
He stood out as a sportsman and was always very respectful of liturgy. In Caracas he worked in pastoral services in slums such as the Maryknoll Misionaries, where he managed to earn the appreciation and trust of many youngsters with serious behavior problems.

He was ordained by the Apostle Harbinger John Paul II in Venezuela .Mons. Luciano Storero, the 9th of October of 1982, in the “Ntra. Sra. de la Paz” Cathedral in Trujillo city. Alexis Bastidas is one of the first priests born in Valera, Trujillo State.

Four years later, he follows Mons. Núñez Viloria to Guayana, where he declares himself (in front of the vastness of work and the beauty of the area) as Guayanan by choice. The witnesses where Don Pedro Acosta, David Natera, y Víctor Casado, and others.

Pastoral Services:


  • Administrator and founder of the Seminar “ Jesus’ Sacred Heart” in Trujillo” 
  • Chaplain of the “Siervas del Santísimo”, Trujillo, Venezuela.
  • Parish Priest of the “Inmaculada Concepción, de la Cejita” In Trujillo.
  • Builder of the Parish house of the Cejita, Estado Trujillo, Venezuela.
  • Parish Priest of the “Sagrado Corazón de Jesús” in Campo Alegre, In Trujillo, Venezuela.
  • Collaborator in Design and Construction of the Parish House of Campo Alegre, in Trujillo, Venezuela.
  • Director, founder of the Secretary of Pastoral Youth of the Diocese in Trujillo, Venezuela.
  • Director, and founder of he Radio Program “Reflejos de Luz y Verdad (Reflection of Light and Truth” in Radio Simpatía in Valera, with 27 years of uninterrupted transmission. Venezuela
  • Creator of the  “Marcha de la Fe y de la Paz (Faith and Peace Walk)”, that takes place, every 12th of October in Trujillo city, Venezuela , to this day.
  • Creator of the “Festival de Coros Parroquiales (Parroquial Choir Festival)”, taking place every December in the Trujillo State, Venezuela.
  • Promoter of the construction of the “Pastoral Formation Institute” facilities in Trujillo in Tres Esquinas, Venezuela.
  • Manager of the Church- State relations in Trujillo, Venezuela.
  • Article writer for the daily newspaper  “El Tiempo” and “Los Andes” in Valera, Trujillo, Venezuela.
  • Parish Priest of “Virgen del Valle” in Ciudad Guayana, Bolívar State, Venezuela.
  • Parish Priest of  “Santa Teresa” in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.
  • Article writer for the daily newspaper “Correo del Caroní”, Guayana City, Venezuela.
  • Movement Director of  “Cursillos de Cristiandad (Small Christianity Courses)”  Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.
  • Chaplain to the Core 8 of the National Guard, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.
  • Director to the radio morning show in Cuyuní FM. Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.
  • Chancelor to the Diocese of Guayana, Venezuela.


United States: Nueva York.

  • Associate in “Saint Peter and Blessed Sacament Church”.
  • Creator of the Radio “Quo Vadis” y “Eco Divino” broadcasting in New York, New Jersey, and  Connecticut, in Radio Wado, 1280AM USA.
  • Promoter of cultural events in support of Latin-American talent in the USA
  • Founder of , Internet service for the Hispanic community of the Blessed Sacrament Church, USA
  • Promoter of support programs for Latin-American and Caribbean countries in emergency situations. USA
  • Promoter of Culture and Religion in Latin-American forums and seminaries
  • Chaplain to the “Leones del Caracas” baseball team. Venezuela.
  • Televised masses directed to handicapped people in Univision Channel 41.
  • Communitas Dei founder. A non-profit organization which promotes the spiritual and intellectual development of the Hispanic Community, in New York, which has been established on the spirit of the Church as the light of the people and promoter of development and culture.
  • Founder of the Communitas Dei Foundation’s web site,
  • Founder of “Brujula (Compass)” a bulletin about spirituality 
  • His most recent contribution is the live transmission of the Sunday Mass in  “CDEI.DIGITAL’ digital channel. And the issuing of two “Eco Divino (Divine Echo)” volumes.

To achieve these goals, Father Alexis has summoned the will of the institutions, men, and women that have the vision, the power, and the clear determination to make a difference in the spiritual and intellectual rebirth of the Hispanic Community


Father Alexis is a great promoter, an innate entertainer, who awakens achievements in many captivating dreams. A spiritual man, an excellent mass giver, a good preacher. In our land he was a great link between the State and the Church. A lot of his following achievements have been a consequence of this relationship. To have men in the same level as Father Alexis, I believe that we must elevate the qualities and principles, in our communities.
That is why I am very joyful to share these 25 years of sacerdotal life of a Great Priest. Architect of enthusiasm, hope, and reality transformer.
I ask God to enlighten his services, as usual, and his pastoral projects.
A brother, and a friend that blesses him.”

+José Luís Azuaje Ayala
Barinas Bishop

“I join your actions and I will bless the Lord with you for choosing you, consecrated and shared his secret of love to all humanity in Church. Maybe in New York your universal vision will become clearer, although not easier to achieve. In any case, if you have reached this point you can foresee part of the picture of what a dedicated sacerdotal life is, dedicated to sharing the Gospel to your brothers and sisters, so they have life in abundance.
A brotherly hug, Ad multos annos”

+Ubaldo Santana.
Maracaibo’s Archbishop